How the hydrophobic coating is applied?

Your bike will be degreased before we coat it, so that all surfaces are definitely greaseproof.

Afterwards the coating is then applied ussing an airbrush. Because the product is that thin, it is ideal to apply it this way.
It can also be applied with the inculded
Application Block and Application Sticks.

The Proteam Bicycle Care coating is applied on glossy and matt paint, aslo hard surfaces of the bicycle can be treated. With the exception of chain, gear wheels and soft surfaces, such as tires, saddles, grips, steering ribbon. All hard surfaces must be dry and free of any kind of dirt of greas.

Finally the Hydrophobic coating must dry for a minimum of 4 hours (at room temperature 20°c.) before the bicyle may come into contact with water.

Would you prefer to coated it by yourself? You can!
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