What is coating?

The Proteam coating is a user-friendly coating for both matte and glossy painted surfaces of your bike. This coating protects against all weather conditions and offers an excellent finish. 
The coating is a high solid coating with a silica content of no less than 80%. In addition, this coating has a hardness of 8H. IGL Ecocoat Bike is Eco Friendly and contains no (or hardly any) VOCs or hazardous solvents. This makes the coating also safe for the user.
IGL coating nourishes the pores of the paint, creating a hard protective layer that is more durable than wax. After internal testing and research, IGL ecocoat bike is specially & specifically designed for bicycles.
You cannot compare Proteam coating with a wax. A wax gives a protective layer temporarily and gives a nice result. This is on the surface of your paint, this will make the surface feel smooth and have temporary protection. A wax has the property to endure and will therefore disappear. As a result, your bike must again be provided with a wax layer. Our IGL coating only needs to be applied every 2 to 3 years. This coating is TÜV tested and Reach approved.



  • Water and dirt repellent, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Paint colors come back to life.
  • Protection under all circumstances
  • Matt lacquers retain their color for much longer.
  • Bicycle stays clean for longer.
  • Anti Mar effect (prevents scratches).
  • UV protective.
  • High solid.